ASP.NET VETtrak API web services
VT_API.AddClientWebWaitlist Method

Add a Client to the Waitlist for a Programme. 

A Client Web Waitlist entry is created which links the Web Client to the Waitlist for the Programme. 

A Programme ID (programmeId) is passed as a parameter. This programme must be active and allowed to be waitlisted in VETtrak. A TProg has a WaitlistFlag that indicates whether the programme is available for waitlisting. Alternatively, the following functions may be used to find waitlistable programmes:


Details of the Web Client (surname, givenName, clientCode, dateOfBirth) are supplied as parameters. The parameter surname must not be empty. If a non-empty string is supplied as clientCode, an attempt is made to match the web client details with an existing client record in the VETtrak database. 

The description parameter can be any notes to record against the wailist entry. 

The referralId parameter is the ID of the referral source of the web waitlist entry. Specify null or 0 for none. If specified, it must be a valid referral ID as per the GetReferralSources function. 

Waitlist entries added by this function are available in the Waitlist tab under the programme in the Process Web Enrolments manager in VETtrak, so that they can be processed, possibly matched with an existing client (with or without updating the existing client), and turned into full waitlist entries. Alternatively, they can be processed automatically by calling the ProcessWebWaitlist function. 

A token is passed for authentication. If the authentication fails, or other errors occur, no web waitlist is created. The result of the authentication is represented by a TAuthenticate object. 

Requires a valid registration key entry for the Short Courses feature.

[WebMethod(Description = "Adds a client to a waitlist for a programme")]
public TAuthID AddClientWebWaitlist(string token, int programmeId, string surname, string givenName, string clientCode, DateTime? dateOfBirth, string description, int? referralId);
string token 
String Token. 
int programmeId 
Integer ID of the Programme to waitlist. 
string surname 
String containing the Client's Surname. Maximum length 50 characters. 
string givenName 
String containing the Client's Given Name. Maximum length 50 characters. Leave empty for a single name client. 
string clientCode 
String containing the Client's suspected VETtrak Code. If unknown, enter an empty string. Maximum length 10 characters. 
DateTime? dateOfBirth 
Optional DateTime for the Client's date of birth. 
string description 
String - description or notes for waitlist entry. 
int? referralId 
Integer - ID of referral source for this waitlist entry. Call GetReferralSources to get a list of referral sources that can be used. Specify null or 0 for no referral source 

TAuthID : an Authenticated ID object. The ID property holds the ID of the Web Waitlist. If errors occur, and the Web Waitlist if not created, the ID property holds the value BAD_ID = -1.

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