ASP.NET VETtrak API web services
VT_API.DB_Handshake Method

Handshake with the VETtrak Database via the API. 

This function is used to test the connection from a web application to the VETtrak Database by using the API to interact with the database. 

If the connection is established, a call to this function will return the String (without the quotes): 'You are connected to the Database via the API.'

[WebMethod(Description = "Checks the connection to the VETtrak database via the API")]
public string DB_Handshake();


Connection Status 
String Returned 
Connects to Database 
You are connected to the Database via the API. 
Connects to API but not to Database 
Error Message. * 
Does not connect to API 
Error Message. * 

  • Error Message may vary according to circumstances.

string : a message.

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