ASP.NET VETtrak API web services
VT_API.GetEnrolmentsForStaff Method

Get Clients and Enrolments for a Staff member. 

This is a listing of all Enrolments for which the Staff Member has a role, where the Enrolment starts within a date range. This function also returns the client (student) linked to the enrolment, and details of the role of the staff member. 

A date range is passed as two parameters, xsdStart and xsdEnd, which define the end points of the date range. These are DateTime objects where the time component is significant. They must be populated with sensible dates (Start > End), otherwise, an input error results. 

Each resulting item is refered to as an Enrolment Staff item. 

Each Enrolment Staff item is represented by a TEnroStaff. The collection of Enrolment Staff items is represented by a List of TEnroStaff

Each TEnroStaff item contains information on the Client, the Enrolment and the Staff Member's role under the Contract. 

A token is passed for authentication. If the authentication fails, or other errors occur, no enrolments are returned. The result of the authentication is represented by a TAuthenticate object.

[WebMethod(Description = "Gets a list of enrolments linked to the staff member with the specified client code in a date range")]
public TAuthEnroStaffList GetEnrolmentsForStaff(string sToken, string sClie_Code, DateTime xsdStart, DateTime xsdEnd);
string sToken 
String Token. 
string sClie_Code 
String containing the Client Code of the Staff Member. 
DateTime xsdStart 
DateTime, start of date range in which to find Enrolments. 
DateTime xsdEnd 
DateTime, end of date range in which to find Enrolments. 

TAuthEnroStaffList : an authenticated list of all Client Enrolments for the Staff Member.

Does not include data relating to students who decline to have their details published.

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