ASP.NET VETtrak API web services
VT_API.GetTraineesForEmployer Method

Get all Trainees for an Employer. 

Returns an Authenticated Basic Client List containing all of the trainees for the employer, according to an Active Contract Flag (parameter bActive) passed as a parameter. 

Each Trainee is represented by a TClie. The collection of Trainees is represented by a List of TClie

A token is passed for authentication. If the authentication fails, or other errors occur, no trainees are returned. The result of the authentication is represented by a TAuthenticate object. 

An Employer Identifier is passed as a parameter. Valid Employer Identifiers are string representations of integers which match employers in the database. 

The parameter bActive can be used to request only active contracts (bActive = True), or all contracts (bActive = False).

[WebMethod(Description = "Gets a list of trainees (optionally with only active contracts) for the employer with the specified ID")]
public TAuthClieList GetTraineesForEmployer(string sToken, string sEmpl_Identifier, bool bActive);
string sToken 
String Token. 
string sEmpl_Identifier 
String Employer Identifier. 
bool bActive 
Boolean Active Status of Training Contract.
  • True returns only active contracts.
  • False returns all contracts. 

TAuthClieList : an authenticated list of basic clients.

Does not include data relating to trainees who decline to have their details published. 

Requires a valid registration key entry for the Trainee Management feature.

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